What Are The Worst Examples Of Poor Ui Design In Common Use?

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What are the worst examples of poor UI design in common use?

Quora website on mobile safari for iOS. 'Nuff said. Well, not for a Quora answer, so here goes. When browsing from mobile Safari, Quora web code disables the ability to long-press a link and choose to open in a seperate tab, save to reading list, or copy the link. I fully understand why t might want to change the default link behaviour (open in same or new tab) based on user opinion, or to modify the intended experience. But, for those of us who want something different, why prevent it? If you can't open new tabs for links, interesting questions get lost, there's no way to chek out a user profile or multiple question answers without losing an interesting feed, you can't open a reference link and read supporting info for an answer without losing your place in the answer list.... This only seems to be an issue for mobile safari; long-press works fine in chrome for android. One last UI nightmare I was reminded of while reviewing and correcting this post. when you're writing an answer or a comment, if you try to edit more than a few lines from the bottom, often the screen will scroll to the bottom of the post as soon as you start typing. The cursor stays in place, so you can type, but you can't see what you're typing and are greeted by numerous auto-correct fails when you scroll back up. I find it very frustrating that a site that is overflowing with intelligence and wisdom can have such obvious flaws in the UI. The most convenient way to enrich my knowledge, reading Quora on mobile internet during all the little free times in the day (waiting for/on the bus or the toilet etc) is made obnoxiously difficult for my one device that has constant internet access and is always with me. Maybe these are glitches of my phone, and not bad design by Quora. I admit my phone is a POS old iPhone 4. Maybe I'm the only one experiencing these issues; I have no corroborating evidence. I would love to get comments! Please let me know if you are having the same issues on iPhone/Pod/Pad, or even better if it works fine for you. My undying love and gratitude if you have a solution to any of these (mostly the links issue) that doesn't involve using a different browser.

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