What Is The Best Programming Language To Use To Build A Solution To?

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What is the best programming language to use to build a solution to have a user fill out a form then generates a PDF?

C#. That was the short answer. Go learn C#. Now here's the long answer. Others have answered that game design has nothing to do with programming, and t are correct, of course. You can design games without coding. Whoever designed Chess did not know any programming; that has not hampered the success of the game. However. We're talking about computer games here, and computer games are made of code. While it is a recommendable quality to have a vivid imagination and lots of ideas for the next Call of Duty, no-one will hire a game designer based on a sketchbook full of map and character designs, but without any games to her credit. There's is no demand for "idea guys" in the game industry. Everyone has ideas. You are entirely correct in your assumption that you'll need more. You can get a formal education on game design, but I don't think employers really want a lot of freshmen super-dudes who are strong on theory, but have zero actual experience, have never made an actual game (only theoretical design documents), rely completely on "neck-bearded nerds" to realise their concepts further and do not know how to use a game engine. To get a job as a game designer, you need experience. Even if it's just a few mods, or some flash games if those are still made. There is a huge divide between the guys who have a great idea, and the guys who have had an idea and actually turned it into a working game, any game. Even a terrible, mostly unplayable game. So - you'll need to make games. By all means, go to game design school! But, when the professor ask the class to "design a puzzle game similar to candy crush, but with a twist of your own design", you will do just that, in Word and Photoshop or whatever, but you will also make a working prototype in Unity, which you will enclose. You will get top marks on that assignment. You will get top marks on all your assignments. And when you finish school, you can mod the crap out of Half-Life 3 then Valve will call you and offer you a job, and then you can have Gabe Newell write your code. Why C#? Because it is the scripting language that Unity 3D uses, and Unity will let you prototype concepts. Unity is also a game engine, and learning to use that will teach you a lot about complexity and just how many assets are needed to make a game, and a lot about workflow. You'll understand how computer games are made and how t work, what the opportunities are and what the really difficult stuff is, and then you can design systems with those possibilities and difficulties in mind. That will make you a truly valuable team member - not just an "idea guy" . You don't have to be the best programmer ever; that's not your job. You don't have to be a Photoshop wizard, or a decent 3D modeller, or an award-winning novelist. But being able to understand what is possible, what is simple, what is really difficult and what is just not worth it, that will be your most valuable asset - in addition to your imagination and desire to meticulously design great, engaging game systems, of course. After a few years in the industry you might not ever even touch the code yourself, as there will be better programmers than you. But you'll be The Designer, the guy that understands how everything fits together, who has shipped a dozen games, who understands a bit about everyone's field of expertise and can help them pull together in a concerted effort to make your design a reality - and a triple A game. Yeah, be that guy. Start becoming that guy by learning some C# and doing some Unity tutorials.

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And then, after you've had some success, you can move into more game industry jobs. (If we had to choose a single word to describe the current state of game design education in the video gaming industry, it would be: confusing. There isn't anything that I can think of that anyone in our field does or is actively doing to help make our industry more effective. Every new game designer has to learn how to code. It's a necessity, because there's no way for game designers to make decent games without it. There are lots of great courses that start with C# and move on from there, and some excellent C# books that make you question everything you knew before. The problem, though, is the courses are really hard to find — and many of them involve teaching people how to write their own games, which requires a lot.

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